Round 10, Match 5 Status Report

Eric Pass (Axis) vs. Rusty Pywtorak (Allies; Bid 0)

Radio silence broken by Axis to report 3 POC lead at end of Turn 2.

"That should do it for Turn 2. The Blucher goes down in the South Atl. but sends the Valiant to the NP on its way. I make the POC even at 3 each to keep the score at +3 POC Axis after Turn 2. It looks like neither of the Russians sail so over to you for the rest of your Turn 3 deployments. Eric"

Axis leads by 3 POC at end of Turn 3.

"After Turn 3, it remains at +3 POC Axis. The blockade is still in place. Eric"

Axis leads by 2 POC at end of Turn 4.

"Not a good turn for the Germans as exactly half of the German fleet is lost. I got the Convoy and 1BB but it does not bode well for the endgame. I make the POCs +1 Allies this turn to make it +2 POC Axis after Turn 4. Eric"

In the end, the Allies won this match (as reported by the Bruce Monnin).

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