Round 11, Match 1 Status Report

Mark Gutfreund (Axis) vs. Andy Maly (Allies; Bid 2)

Allies win by 2 POC (O POC after bid).


I am sorry I did not have the time to give a blow by blow account, but the fight for the top ladder position ended with Andy Maly as the Allies defeating Mark Gutfreund as the Axis, but in a very close game. Andy bid 2 POC for the Allies and the adjusted end result was a tie of 0 POC, in which case the Allies win. The game went down to the last turn and was decided by ASW in the North Atlantic where the Axis had 3 U-Boats and the Allies had 3 ASW and ended up sinking all 3 boats for the victory.

Mark Gutfreund

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