Round 11, Match 2 Status Report

John Pack (Both Sides) vs. Mike Kaye (Both Sides)

German FlagItalian Flag

Mike Kaye wins match when John Pack resigns.

John Pack's Resignation Letter

Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999
Subject: WAS PBEM Ladder Result

Hi Mike!

I think I'll save myself the aggrevation and surrender in both games at this point. Neither of my results is adequate to even provide a small chance of success.

In my game as the Allies, you'll be ahead by 7 at the end of two moves. I could overcome that lead but the Germans have lost only two 225s (while killing 3 BBs) while the Italians have sunk 4 BBs, 3 CAs and a CV in exchange for 2 of their smaller BBs and 1 CA (and that's without the seven shots they having coming at this stage and the CV they'll be chasing soon). If my forces weren't trapped in the Med, perhaps I could come up with something.

In my game as the Axis, I took two big risks -- trying to compensate for the first game. I should probably know better. The U-Boat gamble had OK odds but, instead of a simple loss, I got a major disaster. Worse, the attempt the run the blockade this turn has resulted in the destruction of my fleet as well with no significant casualties to the Allies (1 BB and 2 CAs for the whole game in exchange for a 496, 357, 2x225, and 2x127). In fact, at this point the Russians may pose a significant threat by themselves!

Congratulations on a good game! You played well and were able to take advantage of the luck that came your way. Good luck in the tournament and in your next ladder game for the top spot!


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