Round 11, Match 8 Status Report

Bob Hamel (Axis) vs. Jim Laws (Allies)

British Flag

Axis concedes after turn 6.

======================================================================== Turn:             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Axis POC:        +2     +7                                    Allied POC:      -4     -3                                    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Net POC:         -2     +4                                   Cumulative POC:  -2     +2                                    ========================================================================

Turn 1

Allied placement:
North Sea: Valiant, Queen E., Warspite, Malaya, Barham, Courageous
Barents: Norfolk, Sussex, Kent, Suffolk, Cumberland, Exeter, Hood, Ark Royal, Repulse (SR), Renown(SR) (both made speed rolls)
North Atlantic: Nelson, Rodney, Dorsetshire, Devonshire, Glorious
South Atlantic: Royal Sov., Royal Oak, Resolution, Ramillies, Revenge, Eagle

Axis placement:
Subs train in the Baltic
All German ships go to the N. Atlantic (Admiral Scheer fails speed roll)
Italy will split its ships....2 of each kind sail, the others wait in port.

Battle results:
Graf Spee, Lutzow, & Gniesenau all sunk
Scharnhorst is disabled....
Rodney 1 damage and disabled
Dorsetshire sunk
German is retreating....No pursuit

Axis: Med +2
Allied: N & S. Atlantic, Barents, N. Sea +4
Allied is +2.....

Turn 2

Allied placement:
North Sea: Nelson, Rodney(1d), Malaya, Warspite, Barham, Courageous, Formidable
Barents: Norfolk, Sussex, Kent, Cumberland, Hood, Ark Royal, Repulse, Renown, King George V, Prince of Wales (all made speed rolls)
North Atlantic: Revenge, Valiant, Queen Elizabeth, Exeter, Glorious, Devonshire
South Atlantic: Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Resolution, Ramillies, Suffolk, Eagle

Axis placement:
Baltic: Admiral Scheer
All other German ships and U-boats will go to the North Sea
Italy will split its ships....2 of each kind sail, the others wait in port.

Battle results:
Allied ASW sunk one and disabled 2 subs
U-boat shot back at the Formidable and disabled it.

Round 1:
Warspite sunk, Nelson maximum damage at 5, Rodney sunk
Eugen was sunk, the Hipper and Blucher were disabled

Round 2:
Bismarck is sunk, Scharnhorst 2 damage
Barham and Malaya are disabled

The final round will be the damaged Scharnhorst against the "cruiser" Nelson.....
----Nelson is sunk

Axis: North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean -- 7 points
Allied: North & South Atlantic & Barents -- 3 points

Turn total Axis +4
Game total Axis +2


Final comments from Jim Laws:

I won the match with Bob Hamel.  He was forced to concede as the Axis after turn 6.  He had only 2 ships left (he had only 2-3 ships left for the last couple of turns but managed to make it a game anyway). He never lacked skill--only 6s.  The reverse could be said of me.

Sorry we did not keep up with the turns as Bob started it. I deferred but by the time I looked we were several turns in and we could not recall the details.  He was playing several games at once I think. Bob only conceded when it was mathematically impossible to continue.

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