Round 11, Match 10 Status Report

Eric Pass (Axis) vs. David Wilson (Allies)

British Flag

Allies win by 1 POC.

======================================================================== Turn:             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Axis POC:                                      +5     +6     +1 Allied POC:                                    -3     -3     -4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Net POC:         +3                 +0     -3     +2     +3     -3 Cumulative POC:  +3           +0     +0     -3     -1     +2     -1 ========================================================================

Turn 1

The Hipper regretfully watches the Ark Royal sail away in the midst of a pack of CAs. It is +3 POC for the Axis after Turn 1.

Turn 2

Details not provided.

Turn 3

At the end of Turn 3 the POC total is at 0.

Turn 4

Turn 4 sees a good American presence (Washington & New York) and the Allies are in the Med in force for the second consecutive turn. I have refused the gambit so far so Convoy 1A put into England for 1 POC to keep the POC even at 0 after Turn 4.

Turn 5

Details not provided.

Turn 6

Whew, a close one! At least you won't be running away with this game. If I had lost that one, I think your lead would have been insurmountable. But it went my way this time, so I make the turn POC 5:3 to make it +1 POC Allies after Turn 6. Still a cat-and-mouse game and that elimination of all U-Boats in the North Sea looms large now. Over to you for your Turn 7 release DRs. Eric

Turn 7

Whoa, that was a wild and wooly one but the Italians pulled it out in the end. The Gorizia holds the South Atlantic. Combined with the Med and Baltic vs. your three sea areas, it's a 3 POC swing back my way putting it at +2 POC Axis after Turn 7. Eric

Turn 8

Final comments from Eric Pass:

Hi David, well, after that exibition of stellar die-rolling on your part, I don't believe there's any point in me continuing! I'll concede and provide the post-mortem commentary below.

In the Med, the LBA pay-off roll of a 5 sending away my only ship means the Med will be uncontrolled regardless of my U-Boat attacks. And between the airstrikes and your round 1 surface combat removing everything from the Barents, there's no point in making those rolls. So you'll win by 1 POC.

I can think of two turning-points. The first is when I hit your convoy in Turn 4 or 5 but only fully-damaged it but didn't sink or disable it so it still made it to Russia for 3 POC. And the second was the elimination of all 6 U-boats in the North Sea in Turn 7 maintaining the blockade which set up your win here in turn 8.

I thought my best chance of victory was winning one of the Med or Barents this turn with a better than two-thirds chance of challenging for the Med but you rolled the worst case scenario of a 5 for your LBA. Anyway, thanks for the game, you played well and made the most of your opportunities.

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