Round 11, Match 12 Status Report

John Strand (Allies; Bid 1) vs. Lee Massey (Axis)

German FlagItalian Flag

The POC total is even after Turn 4.

======================================================================== Turn:             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Axis POC:        +6     +3     +2     +6                        Allied POC:      -3     -3     -5     -6                        ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Net POC:         +3     +0     -3     +0                       Cumulative POC:  +3     +3     +0     +0                        ========================================================================

Turn 1

The Allies open with a Barents-in -One:
Barents: 447, 2x336, 8x117, Ark Royal
North Sea: 5x444, Courageous, Glorious
North Atlantic: 3x443
South Atlantic: 2x553, 2x443, Eagle

Even though both 336's fail their speed rolls, the German fleet sorties to the North Atlantic, (Lutzow fails its speed roll) leaving the Hipper and 3 U-boats in the Baltic. The entire Italian fleet stays in the Med.

Allied LBA sinks the Fiume, but the Germans sink all 3 443's in the North Atlantic and suffer no losses (although both 225's are disabled). The 2 357's successfully oil but the Blucher fails and goes to the neutral port.

Allies control: Barents, North Sea, and South Atlantic for 3 POC
Axis control: Baltic, North Atlantic, and Mediterranean for 6 POC
Axis up 3 POC at the end of Turn 1

Turn 2

Allied Setup:
North Atlantic: 2x553's
North Sea: 5x444's, 117, Formidable, Courageous, Glorious
Barents: 447, 2x456, 2x336, 4x117, Ark Royal
South Atlantic: 2x443, 3x117, Eagle

The Allies passed all their speed rolls this turn. The Axis responded by sending all 4 U-boats to the North Atlantic. The Blucher came out of neutral port and was escorted by the 3 remaining Italian cruisers. The rest of the German fleet went to the Baltic.

Allied ASW is hot as both the Rodney and the Nelson roll 6's. The Allied LBA sinks the Andrea Doria. In the South Atlantic, the Blucher takes 1 point of damage and is disabled to the neutral port. The Gorizia is sunk. The Revenge takes 4 damage points and the Sussex is disabled to the neutral port.

Allied control: Barents, North Sea, and South Atlantic for 3 POC
Axis control: Baltic and Med for 3 POC
POC even for the Turn
Axis maintains a 3 POC lead.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is usually decisive in a Barents-in-One strategy, particularly if the Allies fail more than one speed roll to the Barents. The October Revolution is available.

Baltic: October Revolution
Barents: Formidable, Victorious, 447, 3x456, 2x336, 5x117
North Sea: Ark Royal, 553, 443, 5x444, 117
North Atlantic: Convoy 1A, Glorious, Revenge(4d)
South Atlantic: Eagle, Courageous, 553, 2x117

The Allies make all their speed rolls. The Axis are undaunted and send the bulk of the German fleet to the Barents, namely: 2x496, 1x357, 3x225, 2x127. The Gneisenau goes to the Baltic to duel the October Revolution. The Blucher (1d), Pola, and Zara go to the South Atl., and the 3 U-boats go to the North Atlantic, hunting the convoy.

Allied ASW is hot again as 2 U-boats are sunk. Allied LBA in the Mediterranean sinks its third Italian ship in as many turns, as the Caio Duilio goes down. The Eagle's air shot sinks the damaged Blucher in the South Atlantic, and the Courageous disables the Zara, but all 4 carrier shots in the Barents fail.

Axis LBA in the Barents misses in return and the sole surviving U-boat misses the convoy. In surface combat, the Pola sinks the Devonshire and escapes to France. In the Baltic, October Revolution disables the Gneisenau which misses its return fire so the Russians control the Baltic, a rare event. The surface combat in the Barents is bloody, as the Bismarck, Lutzow, Hood, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Renown and Dorsetshire all sink. The Repulse takes 3 points of damage. The Allies control the Barents, however, since they disabled all the remaining German ships except the 2 cruisers, which flee unmolested. Although the Allies maintain the blockade and have evened up the score, they have taken staggering losses in fast ships.

Allied control: Barents, North Sea, South Atlantic, and Baltic(!) = 5
Axis control: Mediterranean = 2
Allies gain 3 POC
POC are now EVEN

Turn 4

No Russian or US ships are available.

Allied setup:
Barents: Ark Royal, Victorious, Formidable, Convoy 1A, Repulse(3), KGV, 6x117's, Anson(sr), Warspite(sr), Valiant(sr)
North Sea: Rodney, Ramillies, Barham, Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, Revenge(4)
North Atlantic: Convoy 2B, Glorious
South Atlantic: Courageous, Eagle, Nelson

Anson fails its speed roll, but both Warspite and Valiant make it to Barents.

Axis responds by sending both remaining Italian cruisers to the South Atlantic, all 4 remaining Italian BB's to the Med., Hipper to the Baltic and the rest of the Germans (496, 2x357, 2x225, 127, 128) including all 3 U-boats to the North Sea. Allied ASW sinks one U-boat and disables the rest. Allied air misses as does the Axis LBA, but the Graf Zeppelin disables the Rodney in the North Sea. In the South Atlantic the Pola is sunk and the Zara flees to France. In the North Sea, the Axis sink all 5 remaining British battleships. The Allies sink the Scheer but fail to even damage any other German ship. Convoy 1A successfully makes it to Murmansk, but the Germans have broken the blockade and have 7 undamaged ships available for Turn 5, and the Allies have lost 12 BB's and 2 CA's.

Allied control: Barents, North Atlantic, South Atlantic (plus Convoy 1A) = 6
Axis control: North Sea, Baltic, Med. = 6
POC are even for the turn and remain even for the game.

Turn 5



Turn 6



Turn 7



Turn 8



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