Round 12, Match 1 Status Report

Andy Maly vs. Mike Kaye (playing two games)

Andy as Allies leads by 2 POC after Turn 4.
Mike as Allies leads by 4 POC after Turn 4.

Turn 1

Details not provided.

Turn 2

Details not provided.

Turn 3

Details not provided.

Turn 4

Andy as Allies: Allies +2; North Sea open
Allied losses: Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, Ark Royal, Marat
German losses: Scheer, Spree, 3 UBoats

Mike as Allies: Allies +4
Allied losses: Nelson, Rodney, Royal Sov, Eagle, Marat
Damage: Warspite -4
German losses: Scharnhorst, Scheer, Spee, Blucher, Gorizia, Pola, 3 UBoats
Damage: Gneisnau -1(Neutral Port), Fiume -1

Turn 5



Turn 6



Turn 7



Turn 8



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