Round 12, Match 17 Status Report

Ed Menzel (Axis) vs. Rob Drozd (Allies; Bid 0.5)

Allies win by 6 POC at the end of Turn 8.

======================================================================== Turn:             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Axis POC:        +5     +3     +3     +3     +3     +6     +3     +3 Allied POC:      -3     -4     -4     -7     -6     -3     -4     -4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Net POC:         +2     -1     -1     -4     -3     +3     -1     -1 Cumulative POC:  +2     +1     +0     -4     -7     -4     -5     -6 ========================================================================

Turns 1-3

Allied LBA successful in Italy/Mediterranean sinking 2 of the Italian cruisers, thereby reducing their threat in the South Atlantic. Axis avoids all confrontation between the German surface fleet and Allied forces, controlling the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas on all 3 turns and the Barents Sea on Turn 1.

Turn 4

Both Russian wessels face the entire German navy on Turn 4. Graf Zepelin's airstrike factors are not used in order to ensure complete destruction of the Russian ships. No damage inflicted on the German ships.---A third Italian cruiser is sunk by Allied LBA!---Convoy 1A arrives safely in Russia.---In key North Sea U-Boat battle, the Allies' 18 ASW shots manage to sink or disable all 7 U-Boats.

Turn 5

This time 6 U-Boats go up against 18 ASW shots and 1 U-Boat remains to break Allied control of the North Sea.---Convoy 2C arrives safely in Russia.

Turn 6

The Allies use a 3-zone defense in the Barents Sea, North Sea and North Atlantic. Only 2 cruisers patrol the South Atlantic to keep the Pola from getting a freebie. Prinz Eugen and U-Boats join Pola and take control in South Atlantic. The major battle takes place in th North Sea. Bismarck is sunk with 2 lucky hits. The only Axis ships left after Round 1 are the Tirpitz, Blucher, and Admiral Scheer. While Rodney and Hood are sunk, the Germans are greatly outnumbered and must withdraw.

Turn 7

Convoy 3C is disabled and returns to the USA. Damaged German ships repaired, Allied LBA miss them in port.

Turn 8

An Axis victory is a long shot. When U-Boats fail to disable any of the 3 Allied battleships in the South Atlantic, Prinz Eugen and Pola are not successful. After the 1st round in the Barents Sea, the only Axis ship left is Gneisenau with max damage and the Alies prevail there as well.---Convoy 3C arrives safely in England.


Turn 1: Zara

Turn 2: None

Turn 3: Gorizia

Turn 4: Fiume, 3 U-Boats, Marat, Okt. Revolutia

Turn 5: 3 U-Boats

Turn 6: Graf Spee, Bismarck, Lutzow, Graf Zepelin; Victorious, Sussex, Rodney, Hood, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cumberland

Turn 7: 2 U-Boats

Turn 8: 1 U-Boat

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