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Second Round Matchups (completed on December 3, 1999)

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Bruce Monnin is the Gamemaster for the BPA War at Sea PBeM Tournament.

The sweet 16 field is set for round #2 of the first BPA War At Sea PBeM Championship. The 11 first round winners were seeded by their AREA rating, while the last five slots were filled by the players who lost their first round matches by the smallest POC margin. The entrants, their seeding and AREA rating, as well as the brackets for the rest of the tournament are shown in the table below.

You may begin your games immediately. The deadline for this round will be January 31, 2000. However, since the brackets are now set, you will be able to start your next round match as soon as the other game in your bracket is completed.

At the beginning of these matches, both players will secretly indicate their preference of side to play by sending an email to Bruce Monnin (at John Pack and Bruce Monnin will email their preferences to assistant GM Vince Meconi.. If both players choose the same side, the GM will order a die roll, the winner of which will have the option of starting the bidding for that side by offering a POC handicap to his opponent. The handicap must be in increments of 0.5 POC. The second player can either accept the non-preferred side and the offered POC handicap (if any), or offer a greater POC handicap to play the preferred side. Bidding will continue until one player accepts the other player's POC handicap offer.

At the end of each turn, please email the current status of your game to Nick Markevich (at so he can post the results on this BPA War At Sea PbeM Tournament web page (

The winner of each game advances to the next round. In the event of a draw, the Allied player will advance (remember this when choosing and bidding for sides). However, tie games will still be reported to AREA as a tie.

Bruce Monnin's Tournament Status Update as of November 10, 1999.

Five of the eight matches in round two of the BPA War AT Sea PBeM Championships tournament have been completed. Jonathan Lockwood has defeated Hank Burkhalter, Vince Meconi has defeated Don Greenwood, James Pei has defeated Bryan Eshleman, Bruce Monnin has defeated John Pack, and Ray Freeman has defeated George Young. The official deadline for completing this round is January 31, 2000.

The brackets currently look like this for round three, the quarterfinals: Jonathan Lockwood vs winner of Mike Kaye/Robert Mull match, Vince Meconi vs. James Pei, Bruce Monnin vs. winner of Bob Hamel/Sean McKenzie match, Ray Freeman vs. winner of Alan Applebaum/Nick Markevich match. Vince and James are free to start their quarterfinal match as soon as they like, though they are under no obligation to do so yet. At this rate we may finish this off in time to present the plaque at WBC 2000!




AREA Rating

Current Status


(L) Mike Kaye (Allies)
(W) Robert Mull (Axis)

1915 EFHC9
1676 CD-B8

Game Over (12/3)
Status Report (Axis+10)


(W) Jonathan Lockwood (Allies)
(L) Hank Burkhalter (Axis)

1605 FHEE9
1601 -----

Game Over (11/1)
Status Report (Allies+2)


(W) Vince Meconi (Allies)
(L) Don Greenwood (Axis)

1682 FJCE9
1436 -----

Turn 6 Completed (11/7)
Status Report (Allies+6)


(L) Bryan Eshleman (Allies; Bid 1)
(W) James Pei (Axis)

1663 BD-A7
1465 AB-B5

Game Over (10/18)
Status Report (Axis+10)


(W) Bruce Monnin (Allies; Bid 1)
(L) John Pack (Axis)

1704 JMMG9
1626 GKHE9

Game Over (11/9)
Status Report (Allies+8)


(L) Bob Hamel (Allies)
(W) Sean McKenzie (Axis; Bid 1)

1614 DGGB9
1543 -----

Game Over (12/3)
Status Report (Axis Wins)


(L) Alan Applebaum (Axis)
(W) Nick Markevich (Allies)

1605 BE-C7
1552 BDF-9

Game Over (11/24)
Status Report (Allies+3)


(W) Ray Freeman (Allies)
(L) George Young (Axis)

1910 FICE8
1441 BEG-9

Game Over (11/2)
Status Report (Allies+2)

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